Box Lunches

Pre-packaged boxed lunch meal

Eating is delicious! It is an activity that accompanies us every day, and we must enjoy it as much as possible. Each person has a favorite dish, could be a juicy cheeseburger, a delicious selection of fruits, or a delicious sandwich. But, there is always some problem that prevents us from enjoying a good lunch: We are working in the office and we cannot go to a restaurant; we don’t have time to prepare our food when we are at home; or fatigue and overwhelm win us over and we succumb to the first fast food we see.

This doesn’t just happen to two or three people. Entire sectors of the population are uncomfortable when it comes to thinking about what to eat for lunch. Nutrition problems are on the rise, and in businesses and families hiring a nutritionist is becoming a requirement. Since when has eating become a time bomb for our health?

Eating has become a torturous obligation for the average American who goes to work, day after day. Obesity is rising exponentially and many vegetarians cannot even stick to their diet due to side effects of the rhythm of life. Seattle is really a very hectic and hard-working state. How to go back to the times when we enjoyed delicious food, at any time and place, without worrying so much about what we are eating?

Box lunches seattle Individually Packaged mealsBox Lunches is the answer to this urgent need! Of course, although our name tells you a lot about us, we are much more than just fresh and pleasant food that waits you in a box: Our mission is to please the customer, no matter what; and for that reason, we have an extensively varied menu, where you will find the dishes that you like so much and also a wide range of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan entrees.

Our goal is to give offices, companies and events the joy of eating and, above all, of eating healthy. Family celebrations or work meetings are often ruined when guests or workers have an empty stomach or when they eat cheap and unhealthy snacks. Box Lunches believes that a good meal is essential for happiness, and without a doubt the guests think the same!


No more guilt, anguish and worry when it comes to eating, with Box Lunches everything is as simple and fun as seeing your ideal dish in a safe and beautiful box! Of course, Box Lunches is not only satisfied with providing you with a nutritious meal, but also offers a fresh bottle of water and a baked cookie or brownie of your choice in each order.

Sanitation is the highest priority in these pandemic periods. We never know in which hands our lunch was bought in a restaurant or fast food business. For this reason, Box Lunches grants the strictest hygienic safety in its products, the boxes are as clean as a t-shirt from the washing machine. Organizing a buffet line is expensive and has many health risks. Instead, Box Lunches provides with its boxes an ideal individualization of food for events, which follows the key guidelines to prevent COVID-19.

On the other hand, Box Lunches menus are geared towards all kinds of people. Whether you are a vegetarian, a loyal Mexican taco lover, a German sausage fanatic, or an avid pancake consumer, a menu will always be available for you at Box Lunches!

Our brand is designed to assume customer demands. Currently, a delivery system is vital for any company, and Box Lunches revolutionizes in this regard, offering an efficient and safe delivery service, in just a few hours. Without lifting a finger, you can have an excellent lunch at your home or in your office, without having to go down the street to look for a restaurant or a food place.

In the same way, we can personalize your order if you contact our Customer Service Team, and thus obtain a product as familiar as the palm of your hand. Box Lunches is at your disposal to make eating delicious again!